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How can I find the best fitting freezer racks for my storage needs?

Drawer or side access?
Which freezer rack format can I use? When using racks with drawers, only the drawer with the freezer boxes of interest is pulled out. All other boxes stay in the cold inner area of the ULT freezer. Drawers are optimized for smooth movement at -80 °C for ergonomic handling.
When using side access racks, most of the storage boxes have to be pulled out of the cold inner area of the ULT freezer to access the samples.
Racks for chest freezers can be equipped with locking rods to secure freezer boxes when pulling out the rack tower.

Stainless steel or aluminum?
Standard freezer racks are available in either stainless steel or aluminum, each with its own benefits. Which material should I select for my freezer racks?

Stainless steel:
• Stable/robust for longevity and higher capacity
• Fits freezer boxes up to 136 mm × 136 mm for high flexibility regarding boxes
• Special design of drawer racks for optimized cooling conditions and improved sample safety

• For freezer boxes up to 133 mm × 133 mm
• Non-corrosive anodized aluminum for long-term use

Depth of racks
There are two systems used in laboratories – the standard 4-boxes deep racks and 5-boxes deep racks. Why is this of any interest? In case of an emergency, you want to rescue your valuable samples. The easiest way is to take out all racks (with the samples/ boxes included) and store those racks in some backup freezer. To be compatible with most common ULT freezer suppliers,  ULT freezers are designed for 4-boxes deep racks.

3-compartment or 5-compartment?
The ULT freezer with 3 compartments/ shelves has higher compartments compared to the 5-compartment ULT freezer. Racks of a 5-compartment freezer do fit into a 3-compartment freezer but not vice versa. What is the difference in real life? Racks for 3-compartment ULT freezer are in general larger and heavier. Their handling can be less comfortable due to their size compared to racks which fit into a 5-compartment ULT freezer.
To get the maximum capacity out of your ULT freezer, the 3-compartment can be equipped with “3-compartment MAX” racks. These racks only fit into the    3-compartment instruments.

Freezer Rack (Product Variants)

Freezer Rack (Product Variants)

Freezer Rack (Product Variants)