Provider Of Industrial Spare Parts

A sorted sample inventory within the freezer allows a more economical usage of the freezer space. By using racks, you can benefit from 100% of the storage space. Plus, metal racks have a long lifetime and can quite often being used for the next generation freezer as well.

The stainless steel racks are assembled with 100% renewable energy and are based on 60-65% recycled steel. The cardboard packaging is made of about 75% recycled raw material.
The aluminum racks are made of 20-35% recycled aluminum, depending on the batch of the raw material. The plastic-free packaging is based on cardboard and wrapping paper. The cardboard packaging of the aluminum based racks is made of ca. 90% recycled material.
Further improvements are planned.
After a long lifetime, both types of metal racks can be 100% recycled.